Now Published: E-Portfolio as Means to Reflect and Assess Learning

Last year at the „e-portfolio in hei“ conference in Vienna Wolf Hilzensauer and I hold a workshop about reflecting and assessing with e-portfolios. Afterwards we wrote an article about the topic which is now published the a book „The Potential of E-Portfolios in Higher Education“ edited by Peter Baumgartner, Sabine Zauchner & Reinhard Bauer.

Our abstract:

Working with e-portfolio is not a matter of tools. The primary objective is to support learning and therefore requires a didactical foundation. Besides a short general introduction about the different purposes of the e-portfolio work in higher education we want to outline crucial aspects from a didactical perspective. In this contribution we will focus on the micro didactical level, especially the reflection and assessment of learning with e-portfolio. Additionally, we will describe challenges and consequences of these considerations for didactics on a macro level, for example for curricula and personnel development of the staff.

The abstract of the book (complete description by the publisher):

The term “e-portfolio“ gained in importance in the last few years. Focusing on crucial aspects like implementation models and case studies, international experiences, information ethics, didactical implications and interoperability of software systems, this book provides a critical overview of recent research and practical experience with regard to e-portfolios.
“Freeing” the paper based work of students and making it shareable and portable opens new possibilities for re-thinking whole curricula in higher education. E-portfolios are an innovative tool on campus that essentially has the potential to change higher education, possibly more than any other technological tool we got to know before.

More here:

  • Hilzensauer, Wolf & Schaffert, Sandra (2010). E-Portfolio as a Means to Reflect on and Assess Learning: Didactical Challenges for Higher Education. In: Peter Baumgartner, Sabine Zauchner & Reinhard Bauer (eds.), The Potential of E-Portfolios in Higher Education. Studienverlag.

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