LinksUp-Report “Learning 2.0 for an Inclusive Knowledge Society” now available as book ..

The project “LinksUp” aims to work on so-called e-learning 2.0 (learning with and as Web 2.0) and its role for inclusion. My colleague Guntram edited a collaborative work of the consortium members to a report which is now availables as book, e.g at Amazon. Additionally, the book will be available with open access in the next days.

  • Davide Calenda, Clare Cullen, Joe Cullen, Thomas Fischer, Guntram Geser, Renate Hahner, Martijn Hartog, Damian Hayward, Wolf Hilzensauer, Else Rose Kuiper, Veronique Maes, Bert Mulder, Katharina Nasemann, Sandra Schön & Diana Wieden-Bischof (2011). Learning 2.0 for an Inclusive Knowledge Society – Understanding the Picture. LinksUp Report, edited by Guntram Geser. Salzburg: Salzburg Research. (ISBN 978-3-902448-28-6)
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