CfP: Immersive Virtual Worlds for academic, organizational, and life-long learning (J.UCS, 2012-05-31)

I would like to invite you to this Call For Papers (Deadline end of May 2012)  for the Open Access Journal J.UCS.

Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS)

Special Issue Immersive Virtual Worlds for academic, organizational, and life-long learning

Guest Editors: Christian Gütl Graz University of Technology, Austria & Curtin University of Technology, WA Carlos Delgado Kloos Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Frank KAPPE Graz University of Technology, Austria

Online Information and Contact:

Background and Focus:

Recent hype surrounding the virtual world platform “Second Life” has generated significant interest in the education community. Although virtual worlds have been an active research topic for a long time, technology was not ready for complex application scenarios until recently. New interesting and powerful platforms and tools, such as Second Life, Active Worlds, Multiverse, Open Croquet, OpenSim, realXtend and OpenWonderland, have emerged and become applicable to complement or even replace other knowledge transfer and learning settings. Modern virtual worlds are seen from an optimistic viewpoint as a disruptive and transformative technology. However, it still remains unclear to some extent where the real benefits and limitations of using virtual worlds as knowledge transfer and learning environments are, when compared to more traditional methods. In order to avoid the same pitfalls of past e-learning solutions by just applying traditional learning approaches to a new technology, this special issue is indented to give an overview of current research and results.

To this end, we are inviting potential authors to submit their original and sound work on immersive virtual worlds for educational purpose in primary, secondary, tertiary and life-long learning settings.

Important Deadlines:

Submission of Full Papers: 31 May 2012

Notification of Acceptance 15 September 2012

Final Paper version: 1 October 2012

Special Issue: November 2012

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