OER in Higher Education in the Year 2030 …

Together with Martin Ebner and Sebastian Kelle we wrote a short vision paper for Open Educational Resources in Hihger Education for the year 2030. Our contribution was submitted to the Joint Research Centre of the European Comission. We would love to her your opinion .


Worst and best case scenarios in the year 2030 are the two antipodes for the future development of open educational resources (OER) in higher education (HE). As additional (realistic) vision we develop guidelines for centres for academic instruction, aiming at a systematic implementation and distribution of OER related to HE.

I really like our „best case scenario“! – hope it inspires!

Here you can find the full publication [Link]

Reference: Ebner, M.; Kelle, S.; Schön, S. (2013) Open Educational Resources on the Road to the Best Case Scenario – Guidelines for Centres for Academic Instruction. in: Open Education 2030 / Higher Education. p. 94-99

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