New research discipline: Metadata within Archaeology – a first glance in a strange discipline

As some of my (future) colleagues may find this post, I write it in English. It’s not only about a new project I am talking about. Since some days, I am involved in the „ARIADNE INFRASTRUCTURE“ project. For me, this is a new field and discipline – and currently I feel as an ethnograph getting into contact with (my stereotypes and) a new research field and culture. To be honest: I do not have a clue, if my new colleagues within this European project are really from another, specialised field and culture. But by now, nobody of my research peers was sitting in sand to work (only in holidays or with children – because of the displays, of course).

ariadne_start (photo in the background is from and Public Domain / my version CC BY Sandra Schön)

Two weeks ago, I came into touch with this (for me) new research field by looking for some literature aboute metadata and archaeology. Besides my stereotypes of some weird old-style and unmodern guys (and only a few women) talking about former things and life, my first paper was (of course) about metadata within archaeology. Hey, they talk the same language, and it is even understandable. (But: I had to type three times *excavation* until could help me – because it took three times to write it correctly …) . Typing down some first bibliographical data, I stumbled again: A journal with a Latin name?  With a contribution in English? Oh gosh, my new collegues seem to have (at least) some humour. Databases called ARACHNE (a spin) and a project (ARIADNE) called after a girl from the Greek mythology? I guess I have to update my stereotypes – and knowledge. Looking forward … 🙂

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