Review: Instructional Design for eLearning by Marina Arshavskiy

Preparing an e-learning course, I thought to buy some current handbooks. (Of course, I am an experienced trainer and already developed material for e-learning scenarios and tutorials, but you never know everything if you do not make it regularly). And of course,  I bought a less expensive one, so I took „Instructional Design for eLearning“ by Marina Arshavskiy (2012).

And: As always, it is tricky to write a short review of book which is not a favourite one. (NEXT WEEK I WILL ALSO REVIEW A IMHO BETTER BOOK…)

I do not like: The layout and design. It is really nasty, and it is not a convincing sample work for the author. A chapter about illustrations without illustrations? Strange, or? And I miss „good examples“, case studies, exemplary things etc. I don’t get the impression, that an elearning content developer would learn something new, but I guess, (s)he won’t oversee an aspect.

What I like: it is pretty short  (that also means: references or introduction, of course scientific notes are missing) and besides my expressed reservation I really got the feeling that „mainstream“ and current approaches are all included. Nothing goes into details, everything plays on the surface, but to sum up, everything which should be discussed or decided seems to be mentioned – the book seems to be written by someone who is an experiences elearning developer (nevertheless not a convincing designer).

Hope this helps, if you think about a book in the field or this book … I won’t buy it again or recommend it to buy ….


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