Proudly present: Commentathon Partners for Innoqual

Again: Together with Grainne Conole, I already asked for contributions for the next issue of INNOQUAL. Now we decided to rearrange some dates to find a more fitting time frame for the „commentathon“. New deadline is: 31th March 2014 (!)

This time, I ask again for contributions. And: I also ask for your notes of interest, if you like to be a reviewer in this issue ! Just send me a short note!

Besides a tradtional peer reviewing, Innoqual also invented a „COMMENTATHON“. Everybody is invited to comment the submitted papers in an open reviewing process. And to foster and enhance the commenting, we looked for official commentathon partners. And here they are:

  • EFQUEL Innovation Forum 2014
  • Graz University of Technology, Univ.-Doz. Dr. Martin Ebner, Seminar, LV „Technology Enhanced Learning“ SS 2014
  • University of Education Heidelberg, Prof. Dr. Christian Spannagel, research group „Playgroup“,
  • Saxon MOOCs United, working group lead by Anja Lorenz (Chemnitz University of Technology), Andrea Lissner (Dresden University of Technology)

More about the call

The International Journal for Innovation and Quality and in Learning (INNOQUAL) is an open access, open peer-reviewed journal which provides an international perspective on the theory and practice of innovation and quality in the field of learning at all educational levels and in all training contexts. It focuses on the relation between innovation and quality in education and seeks contributions which discuss how technology can contribute to innovate and enhance the quality of learning.

INNOQUAL aims to

  • give insight into the scientific discourse
  • prompt important practical recommendations for learners and practitioners
  • promote new approaches in the field of innovation and quality development for learning;
  • an create an innovation forum for future oriented quality development of learning

The journal encourages two kinds of submissions

  1. First rate research articles by academics
  2. Case studies and reflective articles by practitioners

INNOQUAL is a critical view on technology, development, implementation, strategy, management and policy in the field of innovation and quality of learning.


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