A DIY Projector for Smartphones #done

Last week I read an article about lifehacks for geeks and thought: Wow. I have to try it. 🙂

I combined

  • #04 [using an old cassette cover as smartphone holder]
  • #08 [using a plastic mug as acoustic intensifier] – but I used a box 😉
  • #10 [projector with smartphone, box and a lens]

… and: it works!

The video is upside down (OMG! Magic Optics! 🙂 ), but it is easy to lock the automatic screen orientation and to place the smartphone upside down itself. The smartphone was good enough for a DIN A 4 paper as screen. – And I only took a cheap, plastic, children lens! And the Sound is great (if you close the box)

I have to do this with some more kids. I guess they will like it 😉



3 Gedanken zu „A DIY Projector for Smartphones #done

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