How scientific is the :-) ? #science #meta #:-)

Last week  a wrote some final comments to submissions for „Innoqual“ where I am, together with Grainne Conole and Anne-Cristin Tannhäuser, responsible for the next issue. And within a „practice-based“ submission I found the following.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-23 um 22.23.40

The comment is part of the „commentathon“ – everybody was free to comment – this part of the „open review“ to a parallel traditional review. And yes, for me it is also questionable if a 🙂 is scientific.

It was not the first time to find a smiley in a more or less scientific contribution (btw. the contribution in our case was for the „practice-based part“ and is not a traditional scientific text). And I also used a 🙂 in of my latest publications.

But to proof the scientificness of the 🙂 there should be a 🙂 in at least some titles of a scientific contribution. (At least, this is my approach :D)

And I remember that Martin Ebner already had some strange things in a paper title („@twitter analysis of #edmedia10– is the #informationstream usable for the #mass“ see here). But I just checked: He never used a 🙂 in a title.

But is there a scientific paper with an emoticon in the title? What does Google Scholar say? Do scientist started to smile in titles?

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-23 um 23.51.30

Hm. I guess, not.  – 🙂 are not (very) scientific by now 😀


3 Gedanken zu „How scientific is the :-) ? #science #meta #:-)

  1. oooops. A smart facebook friend (Hannes Rothe) send me a note that Google does not support searches for „:-)“ or even „“:-)““ . You are not able to look for the signs neither in nor If someone wants to use traditional possibility to look for „:-)“ in scientific titles, just do it! My approach was a very lousy one. An not very scientific, too. (Nevertheless, I smile 🙂 )

  2. I also read the article during the commenthaton and was confused by the whole article. Maybe I didn’t get the scope of practice-based submission (I expected something like a case study), it was nicely written but more suitable for a blogpost that at least for a scientific journal. And thus smilies are ok and sometimes very useful in blogposts — or comments :). But in a journal article? Maybe we are not yet used to it but if there is humor in research, I would not expect it in a journal article. Or just between the lines.

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