Welcome, #OER at #HEI, #fnma & #tugraz!

Some people were upset about my „cliffhanger“ – and because of corona and homeschooling I just didn’t make it earlier – SORRY! 😀 .

This is where I ended up after my departure at Salzburg Research at first of April 2020:

1. First of all, I started a new project called „Development of an OER certification body for universities“ at the Forum Neue Medien in der Lehre Austria (Association for New Media in Teaching Austria) as project leader. OER stands for „Open Educational Resources“ and within the next four years, we should have made it possible that all Austrian higher education institutions could certifiy themselves and their lecturers their OER expertise and activities. I am looking forward to working with many old acquaintances as well as new people and last but not least to the friendly reception:

„I don’t think we could have found anyone more perfect for the job.“

(blush) – I hope I will not disappoint the high expectations. 😀

In fact, the project is amibitioned and, despite all the positive attitudes towards OER, not at all a self-runner: many different positions and stakeholders have to be considered and involved.

2. Furthermore, I started, also part-time, at the Graz University of Technology and support the team of Martin Ebner and „Educational Technology“ in research and publications. What was previously a wild cooperation has now become formal 😀

And I am delighted that I was able to start working with Martin’s wonderful team at this highly exciting time – one of our first projects is a paper on the corona effects in e-learning at Graz University of Technology. 😉

3. And then, as before, I have further research and teaching assignments as T3C, among others. One of them sounds pretty crazy and I couldn’t quite believe it either – I am now also part of the staff of the Universitas Negeri Malang (State University of Malang, Indonesia). More about that later 🙂