What a debut :-D #tugraz #happyresearcher

Nowadays, the value of a researcher is evaluated with scientific output and indices like the h-index. At my previous employer, the Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft, my publications were listed in the top ten in Research Gate Statistics. This is not particularly surprising, as publications did not play a major role among my colleagues. – I also had the company’s highest RG index.

With one of my new employers, Graz University of Technology, things look quite different, of course. Here I am just a literally „small number“. As I just started on 1st of April 2020 at the TU Graz: Only one publication currently adorns my research profile at Graz University of Technology.

And hey, it’s not real research either. But last week, this first and single article had THE HIGHEST READS of all the contributions of Graz University of Technology at Research Gate.

I’ll print it out and frame it. 😀 – what a debut! – And we are again on top this week 😀

Thanks a lot to my co-author Martin Ebner and to Jochen Robes who wrote about the article <3<3<3