On the top of TU Graz publications: COVID-19 as E-Learning boost #researchgate #top #tugraz

After my debut as a researcher at Graz University of Technology, the first article has now been published in which I actually participated as an official employee of Graz University of Technology. Now it is probably due to the great team of Martin Ebner, the Educational Technology Team of TU Graz, that the article about their role and acitivities and effects during the first three weeks of the COVID-19 crisis at TU Graz gets so much attention (and probably also automatisms around the hashtag #covid19 😀 ), but hey: This second article since my start at TU Graz rocks (again) up to the top of TU Graz at Research Gate!

By the way, since 1.4.20 I was always the only woman in the #researchgate #tugraz top 10, now there are my female co-authors as well! <3<3<3

Reference: Ebner, M.; Schön, S.; Braun, C.; Ebner, M.; Grigoriadis, Y.; Haas, M.;  Leitner, P.; Taraghi, B. COVID-19 Epidemic as E-Learning Boost?  Chronological Development and Effects at an Austrian University against  the Background of the Concept of “E-Learning Readiness”. Future Internet 2020, 12, 94. [full article @ ResearchGate] [full article @ journal’s homepage]