OER-Certification – it could be so easy :-) – @Mackiwg

I am responsible for the development of an OER certication of lecturers in higher education as well of universities within the next four years for the fnma in Austria. To connect with international projects and to find relevant projects we could learn from or collaborate, I used Twitter last week. We work on the base of a Whitepaper of a working group of many relevant stakeholder, presented already in English.

A lighthearted conversation with one of the global OER heros, Wayne Macintosh (Wikieducator, amongst others), just illustrated how easy it could be. Thanks!

And yes, I still feel honoured and I am wondering if I should present „the platinum status of my OER initiatives by Wayne Mackintosh“ in my professional CV beside our, amongst others, German UNESCO commission’s award on OER? 😀