Nun Geschichte – und nicht archiviert: Der erste Call for Papers als Slidecast

Es war einmal: Im Frühsommer 2009 hatten Martin Ebner und ich nicht nur die Idee zu einem Call for Paper über „Mashups for Learning“ für die ICL, sondern auch gleich die Ambition, für den Call Social-Media-Werkzeuge bzw. Multimedia zu benutzen. Damals waren „Slidecasts“ eine neue Möglichkeit bei Slideshare und man konnte hübsch einfach dort hochgeladene Files vertonen. Der Service wird nun abgeschalten, der Ton geht off und weil ich ihn nicht speichern kann, geht nun der (vermutlich) erste Call for Papers für eine wissenschaftliche Fachkonferenz der als Slidecast/Video aufbereitet wurde für die Nachwelt verloren. (Wir hatten übrigens viel positives Echo auf diese Aktion).

Aber nein, ich heule nicht deswegen 😀 – noch bis zu Deadline mit Ton online, danach Geschichte:

Hier, ich kanns nichts downloaden 😉
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Now published: I-Jet Issue „Mashups for Learning“ (MASHL2009)

Together with Martin Ebner I organised a special track at the ICL 2009 about „Mashups for Learning“. Together with Ralf Klamma we now published a special issue in the I-Jet journal (open access). Thanks a lot for the pleasant cooperation, the reviewing by friends and colleagues (see the whole list in the editorial or in the call), the contributions, presentations, the support by editing and formatting the contributions, the possibility to publish the issue, and the sponsoring of best paper award by the ROLE project… 🙂

Here are all contributions:

International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET):
Volume 5, Special Issue: „ICL2009 – MashUps for Learning“  (2010)

Summary & Video of MASHL2009

„Mashups for Learning“ was the title of a special track, which I co-organised with Martin Ebner at the ICL conference in Villach. Here are the slides with the overview of the session and an imbedded youtube video with an interview with Hendrik Drachsler, the winner of our best paper award (sponsored by the ROLE project). Thanks to all! – to the presenters, reviewers, sponsor Ralf Klamma (ROLE), Martin Ebner & Michael Auer (ICL).

Final program of Special Track at ICL2009 online

(thanks, Martin! )

Mashups for Learning

A track organised by:
Dr. Sandra Schaffert, Salzburg Research, Austria
Dr. Martin Ebner, Graz University of Technology, Austria


The special track “Mashups for Learning” (MASHL2009) takes place within the “International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning” (ICL) in Villach, Austria.

Here you can find again the CALL for Paper.

Now we can announce the final program (including 4 Full Papers and 3 Short Papers) of the two sessios which will take place on Thursday, 24/09/2009 – we are looking forward to great discussions about the topics:

Preview: My September …

There are some events upcoming in September …

  • 2.-4.: I-Know conference: I will present our full paper … Schaffert, Sandra & Wieden-Bischof, Diana: Successful Initiating of Online Communities. An Analysis of Reports, Projects and Expert Interviews.
  • 17.:  Salzburger Businesslauf – several teams of Salzburg Research will run, some will probably … walk … (rofl)
  • 22.: E-Learning-Tag am Joanneum – in cooperation with Amber Beadyeyes (Monster Academy) I was asked to hold a keynote for a one day conference about e-learning at the FH Joanneum, Graz – it will be about social compentences and social web (in German)
  • 23-25.: ICL conference,  special track MASHL2009 (Mashups for Learning): together with Martin Ebner I will moderate a special track about mashups for learning…

Mashups for learning: Best paper award & slidecast


I  am happy to announce a „best paper award“ for the best contribution to the special track „Mashups for Learning“ (MASHL2009) :  Perhaps an Apple iPod Touch 16 GB (or another equivalent gadget) motivates to send us even smarter or smartest contributions? The award is sponsored by the ROLE project, thanks in advance!!

Nevertheless, contributions from ROLE members and the session chairs have to be excluded from this award …. – The deadline for the special track is the 4th of June.

Ralf Klamma, Martin Ebner and Ignatia/Inge  de Waard also motivated me (indirectly) to include an audio into our call for papers at slideshare:  Nobody is perfect … so I did it! Since yesterday, the slides are available as slidecast…

Call for Papers: Mashups for Learning (MASHL2009)

logo_mashl2009_300ptMartin Ebner and I kindly ask for contributions to a special track within the ICL conference in Villach, AT (23-25 September 2009): The MASHL2009 deals with „Mashups for Learning“.

The special track “Mashups for Learning” (MASHL2009) takes place within the “International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning” in Villach, Austria. For the interdisciplinary MASHL2009 we ask for contributions on “Mashups for Learning” to foster the exchange of innovative approaches and research results:

Wikis, Weblogs, media portals (such as FlickR or YouTube) as well as social networking sites (such as MySpace or LinkedIn) offer various (learning) opportunities. These are not always easy to handle and organise. Web-based mashups merge data and/or functionalities from different Web sources. An example for mashups for learners are Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). Various prototypes and tools try to support communities of practice and learners by effectively combining resources. Additionally, smart applications are developed to add filtering and recommender systems, reputation systems, engagement indicators, personalisation opportunities or quality assurance concepts to support learning within the Web 2.0.

In this special track we want to bring together new and innovative approaches, applications and experiences with mashups for learners, utilising Web 2.0 applications. Contributions can focus on, but are not limited to, one of the following topics:

  • Personal Learning Environments as well as support of communities of learners
  • New concepts and tools of mashups for learning
  • Technical solutions and working examples for mashups
  • Studies on experiences and evaluation of mashups for learning
  • Conceptual design and studies on specific aspects, such as recommendation or reputation systems for mashups
  • Current and future developments concerning technology and pedagogy

Submission deadline (8 pages): 4 June 2009
Notification of acceptance: 16 July 2009
Camera-ready paper submission: 30 August 2009
ICL 2009 conference: 23-25 September 2009

The complete call for papers is available in the e-Learning Blog.

The list of our reviewers will be extended within the next weeks!

Please feel free to share this call in your community – the logo can be found at flickR, also the following  logo-mashup-mashl2009.


Additionally, the cfp on slideshare …