Learntec 2010: Microblogging in Higher Education

Together with Martin Ebner I presented possibilities of microblogging in higher education at the LEARNTEC 2010 in Karlsruhe. More concretely, Martin, the „good cop“ presented his studies about microblogging and I played the „bad cop“ looking at the „but’s“ in his studies.  So, we came to some (limited!) but concrete scenarios, where and how microblogging in higher education could be helpful.

Thanks for Joachim Niemeier for his photo 🙂

  • Ebner, Martin & Schaffert, Sandra (2010). Microblogging – Potentiale an der Hochschule. Vortrag an der LEARNTEC 2010, 4. Februar 2010, Karlsruhe [slides]

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