Poster on how to reach more girls in makerspace settings @ Edurobotics 2018

Maria Grandl from the TU Graz presented out joint research on how to reach more girls in makerspaces/maker education at the Edurobotics conference 2018 in Rome. Thanks a lot for the presentation!


You find the poster as well online:

Sandra Schön, Margarethe Rosenova, Martin Ebner and Maria Grandl (2018). How to support girls’ participation at projects in makerspace settings. Overview on current recommendations. In: EduRobotics 2018 in Rome, Poster:, as pdf: poster_edurobotics


[publication] Practical Usage of OER Material in the EFL Classroom #OER #reseach #OpenEducation

We did a publication about „Practical Usage of OER Material in the EFL Classroom“ and give an overview about daily barriers when you try to use OER in classrooms. The findings are for sure interesting.


In this research work, we want to follow the idea of using open educational resources (OER) in a classroom to gather practical experiences. The topic of our choice is English as a foreign language (EFL), because in our opinion a lot of teaching content should be available. The preparation of the lectures, as well as the final lecturing, is described to understand how OER can be used in the EFL classroom. The feedback of the pupils and the lessons learned point out that there are more obstacles than expected, mainly because of the strict copyright law in German-speaking Europe.

[Full Chapter @ Book Homepage]


[Full Chapter @ ResearchGate]

Reference: Maria Haas, Martin Ebner and Sandra Schön (July 18th 2018). Practical Usage of OER Material in the EFL Classroom. In: Núria Llevot & Olga Bernad Cavero (Ed.) Advanced Learning and Teaching Environments, IntechOpen, pp. 123-136 DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.72452. URL:

[workshop] Making With Kids in Europe – To Foster Digital Literacy, to Make a Better World, and to Build a New Entrepreneurship Education #making #edmedia #InnovateLearning

At this year ED-Media conference in Amsterdam we start with a workshop on „Making With Kids in Europe – To Foster Digital Literacy, to Make a Better World, and to Build a New Entrepreneurship Education“ where we like to introduce to our activities.


Some of Europe’s leading experts on making with children will share their experiences and different approaches within this joint workshop The workshop will include presentations about teacher education within makerspaces at the University of Technologies Graz (AT), about inspiring social innovation and educational projects at the Waag Society (NL) and about the European initiative DOIT, which sees making as a good base for an early entrepreneurship education. Participants will work with a set of tools and smaller maker projects. For example, they can program educational games in Scratch, build a dough piano (which will do music!) with a MaKeyMaKey set, or sew some “smart gloves”. Interactive discussions will be the base to develop own future implementations.

Find here the slides and workshop hand-outs at DOIT’s website.

Call for Papers: EDUROBOTICS 2018

The call for papers for EDUROBOTICS 2018 is online: – and you can as well visit the Maker Faire in Rome!

please find Call for papers for International Conference Educational Robotics 2018
Conference website
Submission link 
Submission deadline July 14, 2018

the organizers 
Michele Moro, Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, University of Padua, Italy
Luca Iocchi DIAG, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy - (local chair)
Dimitris Alimisis , EDUMOTIVA (European Lab for Educational Technology), Greece