Invitation: Commentathons started – a new way to give feedback for contributions and open review

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Innoqual is an open access journal with a open review philosophy. To broaden the feedback, to involce existing communities, and to lower the treshold for feedback, the innoqual editors developed „commentathons“.  Commenting at open available contributions started already, and besides the official commentathon partners everyone is invited to give feedback for the authors. It is no need to serve with a complete review, but kind and constructive remarks and comments are very welcome!

  • Be nice! Authors have invested work in their submissions and shown the courage to expose their manuscripts to everyone finding his/her way to the INNOQUAL Journal website.
  • Be open! Although our selected tool for open review (Google Docs) allows for anonymous comments, please add your name in the comment fields.
  • Send “I messages”! Opinions can be very diverse. It is easier to find appreciation for your’s by formulating your comments in a form as “I think that…”, “It might be better, if…” rather than making statement as “The author needs to…“
  • Be positive! Even if the objective of the open review is to involve an interested audience in improving the article and hence stimulate ideas for improvements, do not forget to also comment positively on sections you find inspiring, well-written. You are encouraged to state if the paper is scientifically sound or conclusions well deduced from content/data presented before.

BTW, the official commentathon partners of this issue are – thanks a lot and all the best for your and our commentathon!

  • Graz University of Technology, Univ.-Doz. Dr. Martin Ebner, Seminar, LV “Technology Enhanced Learning” University of Education Heidelberg,
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Spannagel, research group „Playgroup“- he organise the group online, if you like to follow or support it, look at his pad
  • Saxon MOOCs United, working group lead by Anja Lorenz (Chemnitz University of Technology) and Andrea Lissner (Dresden University of Technology)

Ein Gedanke zu „Invitation: Commentathons started – a new way to give feedback for contributions and open review

  1. Hat dies auf Anjas Blog rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Die „Saxon MOOCs United“ sind ebenfalls Commentathon-Partner. Natürlich darf bereits heiter drauf los kommentiert werden, wenigstens eine gemeinsame Online-Runde soll aber schon noch folgen. Mehr dazu an/nach Ostern…

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